Is what is in our products causing us more harm than good?

The most likely cause of skin conditions is either what we put in our bodies, stress or what we are putting on our skin.  If eliminating allergenic foods from our diets aren’t helping then taking a look at the products being used on the skin would be the next step.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and whatever we put on it takes 26 seconds to go into our bloodstream.  Learning to check the ingredients of things like soaps, shampoo and anything we are putting on our skin will help to choose products which are free from things that could potentially be the cause of eczema or even other skin conditions.

Most products in a shop have ingredients added to them ‘fillers’ to bulk out the product to make it cheaper and affordable for us to purchase.  However, these filler products could actually be doing more harm than good to our bodies.

Take (dare I say it) Johnson and Johnson baby products, known for not being good for babies due to the ingredients in them, yet so many other companies like Subamed are still making baby products that have the same or similar dangerous chemicals like parfume/fragrance.  The other thing to note is if we wouldn’t put a product on a baby then why would we put it on us at all???  If is it not good for a baby, surely it isn’t good for an adult?  We both have skin and both our skins absorb the ingredients into our bodies…

So what ingredients are harmful?

The two biggest one to look out for is synthetic fragrance (which can be also know as parfum).  Do you remember being told by your mum when you first started using perfume to only put it on your clothes?  There is a very good reason for this and in which the article Five ‘Must-Knows’ on the Dangers of Synthetic Fragrance explains really well.

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