Welcome to Adrianne’s Happy Place!

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

With so many new subscribers recently, I thought it quite timely to reintroduce myself and up date everyone with what has been happening and the upcoming changes to my websites and social media accounts!

How did we get here!

Ok, so in 2015 I feel pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl, Eva, with with a rare heart condition called ‘Truncus Arteriosus‘ and also ‘Hip Dysplasia‘.

It has been a huge roller-coaster ride for our little girl and everyone that has entered her life.

Throughout this roller coaster ride I acquired ‘Complex PTSD‘ and ‘Adrenal Fatigue‘ .  The symptoms for me were so severe that I quit my job so that I could focus on looking after me.

When we become a mum, we focus so much on our children and sometimes forget to look after ourselves.  Finding that balance is hard but not having the tools/knowledge and information on how to look after yourself is even harder.

If you would like to catch up on this journey, here are a few things to read and watch

Going Forward!

Now that my head is clear, I can focus and am in an amazing place with my health I want to share (or re-share in some cases) all that I have done and learnt as to what has help me heal and recover from these conditions.

I do hope by sharing that it will help others in a similar situation or those that have similar symptoms.  Plus I would also like to share how some very special people in my life have also been key in my recovery (whether they realize it or not).

All of the things below have played a huge part in my recovery.  They all produce serotonin, with nutrition making up a massive 90%.

  • Art Therapy
  • Volunteering (helping others in general)
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise

I will be continuing to do all of these things and will delve into more depth as to how they have helped me to heal, not only my mind but my body and soul.


Who Loves A Giveaway?

November is mine and Eva’s birthday month and have decided to celebrate with a $200 giveaway.  This giveaway has now expired!

Social Media!

There will be a number of changes I will be making to my social media
accounts over the next few months so please bear with me.  If you have
any questions or queries, please reach out:

Email | Facebook | Instagram – Adrianne Galvin | Instagram – Adrianne’s Happy Place | Scrumptious Baby Boutique | Eva Martina-Rose | Arbonne


Heart Kids New Zealand | Volunteer at Heart Kids Hawke’s Bay

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Sending lots of love, hugs and strength from our family to yours xx

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