Kitaholic Kits – June Mix Media Kit

This post is in no way sponsored.

Kitaholic Kits is an Australia based Kit Club. Offering Monthly kits full of wonderful new products for you to get creative with. They have a passion for all things scrapbooking/pocket scrapping and off the page creations.

They have a focus of showing what wonderful treasure can be sourced
in Australia as well as providing Overseas brands.

​They currently have the following kits available each month:

  • Main Scrapbook Kit
  • Pocket Page Kit
  • Embellishment Kit
  • Mixed Media Kit
  • Paper Add on Kit

They have a wonderful design team who show off some of there talents each month with there kits.  One of the design team is my sister – I love supporting those that I love and also those that support who I love.

I have subscribed to the Mix Media Kit.  The benefits of being a subscriber is I receive a discount on my kist.  I get access to digital files that become available each month, which I access through their members only forum on Facebook.  I also get access to their subscribers only Facebook Page where I get advanced shopping of sales before the general public.

However, the thing that benefits me the most is the the group itself.  The group provides  inspiration posts, challenges and a very fun and positive environment.  THAT you cannot put money on.

Check out the June Mix Media Kit + some tips and tricks for using this product



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