What does Easter mean to you?

What does Easter mean to you?

To me, it means spending time with my loved ones creating memories and remembering just how lucky we all are.

This Easter we decided to visit my sister, brother-in-law and niece at the Farm they live and work on.


The Easter Friday we went to my parents house and watched the ‘John Butler’ concert from their house.  This concert was one of the best we have had the pleasure of listening to ‘in the backstage cheap seats’.  The sound was really clear and the stage was see-through but …… they took a really long time to come on and their new music was really slow and sleepy but we had a great time with family and friends.

The next morning (Saturday) we packed for our three hour drive from Hawkes Bay to Tangimoana.  These days packing seems way easier than it used to be, with Eva now being two.  Well we thought it was until ….. we arrived at my sister’s and realised we forgot our daughter’s bed.  We made do and hubby slept on the couch and Eva slept in my bed, because top and tailing with her cousin didn’t really work to well.


The highlights of our visit was watching Eva and her cousin do their Easter hunt that my sister had organised.  She had done a really awesome hunt and had these massive bunnies at the end.  Super, super cute.

The next highlight was taking the girls over to watch the calves being feed.

And … the very best highlight was when we all got to watch the miracle of birth on the Sunday.  One of the cows gave birth and my sister had to take the sack off her babe’s face so it could start breathing.

Even though both my sister and brother-in-law were working, it was great to see them and our niece.


In an ideal world, I would love for my daughter to not have any sweets, chocolate or any of that sugary stuff.

Not because it might make her fat!  but for the pure fact that, because she has artificial parts in her heart, she is prone to endocarditis (infection of the heart).  Endocarditis is caused by tooth decay entering the blood stream, getting caught on the artificial parts of the heart which causes the infection.  I actually find this very scary, every-time she has a temperature (without anything visual) my heart just comes out of my chest.  The only way to tell is X-Ray and bloods.

Now, my general view on chocolate is that I actually try not to give my little girl sweets at home but she is allowed them away from the home as a treat.  I believe she will have them at some point in her life and just like any other food it is good to know if she will have a reaction (i.e. allergy) and be able to teach her how to eat it in moderation and to how to take care of her teeth after eating it.

I believe there is no point fighting it because I won’t be around her 24/7 for the rest of her life.  She will move out of home or stay at a friends house.  I feel if I teach her well and give her the right tools, she will be able to learn in a safe environment, which will hopefully help her find and know her own limitations and make better decisions.

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed reading and watching while enjoying your morning coffee.

I would love to hear your views on a chocolate free Easter or what Easter means to you!

Until next time, sending love, hugs and strength.
Adrianne (aka Queen) xx

(p.s. I tried my hand at watercolor and eye-shadow, but didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped.  Was still fun trying though – pic below)


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