In the past few weeks we have had some very hot summer days in Hawke’s Bay and thought it be a timely reminder to us all to remember to keep hydrated.  Especially if you are rushing around different places on Christmas day or travelling for your New Year’s celebration.  It is not just important to keep our children hydrated but also us as parents, especially if we are having a drink or two.

Here are my top five ideas that have worked on my little girl to help her to drink more fluid/water on these hotter days:

  • Whenever she has been asking for something that she wants (maybe blueberries, read a book etc) I have been saying of course but you need to have a drink and then mum will….bribery.
  • Frozen fruit juice ice blocks; I make juice out of fruit (oranges or apples etc).  Steam and wizz, add water and freeze it in ice block makers.  You can also use ice trays and give them ice to play with and suck (but I would watch children at all times).  These are my little girls favourite.
  • Try to give them food or fruit with fluid, like watermelon, frozen berries or peas etc.
  • Make a smoothie.  We use a Nutribullet, which makes it super easy.
  • Put lemon in water and put it in another fancy cup with a fancy straw.

I am a first time mum, so I am sure there mums with allot more ideas out there.  I would love to hear your tips and tricks and maybe I can update the list.  Leave a comment below (also give me ideas, in case my tricks stop working on my little girl).

ice blocks

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, from the Galvins x

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