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I’m Adrianne, mum of one little girl, two fur babies and wife to an Irishman.  We all live in Taradale, Hawke’s Bay and we are on an ever evolving journey called life.

Having a child is a huge honor and the most incredible thing I have ever experienced but one of the hardest jobs I have ever had in the same breath!!!

I have had many jobs and roles but for 16 years prior to becoming a mum I was an insurance broker in Hawke’s Bay.  I worked with my clients to get the best cover and price for their precious car, house, helicopter, farm, business or million dollar boat in France and the like, basically anything tangible, and when it came to claim time I fought for my clients to get the best outcome for their claim while caring for their health and well-being when the trauma and stress set in from a major or minor claim.

In October 2015 I was at work one day, the next I set out on on the most amazing adventure of a lifetime.  Seven weeks preterm I landed on the roof of Starship in a helicopter in slowed labor.  The night was warm and the sky tower lit up pink for breast cancer, it was so beautiful and I was so happy I was about to meet my daughter.  While we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride with our little girl Eva, as she was diagnosed in utero with a rare heart condition called ‘Truncus Arteriosus‘ and then ‘hip dysplasia‘ at three months old.

The true affects of the huge roller coaster ride did not take effect until I went back to work when Eva was one year old.

You see our bodies are so very incredible, they are perfectly built to protect us from danger, heal us from damage and keep us going, even when we should be stopping.  However, with prolonged stress from trauma, comes prolonged exposure to adrenaline and the consequences can be very damaging to your body.  This I found out as I was diagnosed with ‘Complex PTSD‘ and ‘adrenal fatigue‘.

Even though doctors had said there was no cure for this I decided to quit work and take time to heal and find a way to get better.  The research began ….

After an enormous amount of research, work, trial and error and testing I found what worked for me.  At that time I could not find anyone trained in Hawke’s Bay for PTSD and found that counselors made my condition and symptoms worse.  I found art/creative therapy helped me process and release the trauma and I had used mindfulness in the past as I found helped it helped me in my stressful insurance job.

However, the key factor I was missing was nutrition, this was an incredible discovery I found by accident but after a six week nutrition course all my symptoms were alleviated.  There are still sometimes things that trigger my PTSD but again all my physical symptoms were alleviated.  I actually felt so incredibly well that it felt like I did when I was a kid with having so much energy.

You see, even though I was healthy and ate really well at least 80% of the time.  The combination of stress, C-Section and other medications like anesthesia and pain medication plusd other factors like chlorine added to the water had caused my gut health to become extremely out of balance.  When the gut health balance is out, our body lets us know by showing emotional and physical symptoms of which can include acne, eczema, tiredness or lethargy, hormonal imbalance, body aches, wrist and joint pain, cramping, trouble sleeping, nausea, vomiting, brain fog/unable to focus, depression/low mood, weight loss, weight gain and anxiety.

Life is full off different stress and an accumulation over time can add to our gut health.  The most stressful times of our lives are usually births, deaths, marriage and work.  These are pivotal points in our lives where stress and trauma coupled with medications and other toxins can throw the gut health balance out and some can find this very hard to get back in line without taking a period of time to focus on living a healthier lifestyle.  Even a short period of 30 day can have an incredibly positive impact on our health in a good way.

“The food we eat can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”
– Ann Wigmore

I am a person who has always had passion to help others so I decided to stay in the health and beauty industry and help others with their health using a holistic approach of healthy living from the inside out.

The most incredible part of my job is hearing my client’s success stories and how much happier and fuller their life is when their health changes for the better!

“We are all worth taking care of and our health is not an expense its an investment”

If you are in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Poland, United States or United Kingdom and would like more information on my services.  Please contact me for a FREE Consultation and more information.

Proud Supporter of Heart Kids Hawke’s Bay


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