Who Am I?

Hello and welcome!

I’m Adrianne, mum of one little girl, two fur babies and wife to an Irishman.  We all live in Taradale, Hawke’s Bay and I am on an ever evolving journey of positive health and creative lifestyle changes.

I am a bit of a thrifty (efficient) creative at heart, so be sure to check out the latest sales tab as you can be rest assured I have sussed out the best deal!

I draw from my 16 year Insurance Broker knowledge to listen, research, share and help others to find what’s works best for an individuals health and lifestyle.

I specialize in helping others achieve their health and creative goals, through Art Therapy and nutrition!!

Before you go any further, how about joining other like minded people here?

I have and continue to use Art Therapy, Volunteering, Arbonne Vegan Certified Products + provide creative inspiration and support to others as a means to help my brain to heal from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Art Therapy Benefits & History ….
Card Making for Therapy and Charity ….

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