Who Am I?

Hello and welcome!

I’m Adrianne, mum of one little girl, two fur babies and wife to an Irishman.  We all live in Taradale, Hawke’s Bay and I am on a journey full of positive lifestyle changes, healing and creative crafty art projects.

I am a bit of a thrifty (efficient) creative at heart, so be sure to check out the latest sales tab as you can be rest assured I have sussed out the best deal!

I specialize in helping others achieve their health and creative goals!!

Whether it be helping you to find a beautiful, creative but inexpensive way to keep and display your newborn memories or inspire you to get your creative childhood mind back so you can create your own thrifty activities for your children.

Maybe you would like to learn a little more about taking great photos for your albums, writing a blog, card making or digital art – they are all creative things to!

Before you go any further, how about joining other like minded people here?

I have and continue to use Art Therapy, Volunteering, Arbonne Vegan Certified Products + provide creative inspiration and support to others as a means to help my brain to heal from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Art Therapy Benefits & History ….
Card Making for Therapy and Charity ….

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